Green Car Solutions in The Netherlands

When you think of Holland, you usually think of blue-tinged china or tulips perhaps. Nowadays they are on the cutting edge of Green having become a top startup country. What is the most recent start up trend in Holland? Green Transportation!

This tiny European country is hitting it big in the Green auto business. Already at universities in Holland there is the WePod, which is a self-driving shuttle ideal for taking students around campus. And it’s smart, they put a dummy skateboarder in its path and it stopped on a dime being equipped with many radars and cameras.

In addition to public transportation solutions, Holland is also developing electric cars. They have two firms, Amber Mobility and Lightyear One, which are working on 250 mile range electric cars. Regardless of the car you own, come in and have it checked out for the upcoming winter months. If you live in Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, Colchester, Winooski, Williston, Shelburne and anywhere in the State of Vermont be sure to contact Handy’s Service Center for all your auto repair needs!