If I Absolutely Have To Leave My Dog In The Car, What Should I Do?

This is a question we get often in the summer. You are going out with your pet and you have to go into a store, say to pick up some paint, and you are worried about leaving your dog in the car. What can you do?

Well, there is a relatively safe way to deal with this issue. Clearly, you never leave a dog in a car with the windows up or even cracked. There is an option though. That is to purchase a doggie crate that will keep them locked in, so they do not run off or get stolen. Also, make sure you COMPLETELY open all the windows and hatchbacks that there are. Give your dog plenty of water, too. All of this combined with parking in the shade will ensure that your pet is safe while you are momentarily engaged in some other business outside of your home – and your home is always the best place for your pets.

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