My Older Car’s Airbag Light Won’t Go Off

So you have a wonderful old Japanese car that’s been running great forever, and is still running great. However, you’ve noticed recently that the airbag light doesn’t go off like it used to when you started the car. In fact sometimes it stays on for the entire trip. It’s just the car getting older, right? No worries!

Actually, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. No matter how old or new your airbag system is, it is designed to test itself every time the car is turned on. That’s why you see the airbag light briefly light. If it doesn’t go off then something is indeed wrong with the system and one or more of your airbags may not work. It is definitely something you want to get checked out. Bring your vehicle in and we will run a full check on it and help you get all of your safety features working on all cylinders.

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