What Would Keep An Air Flow Sensor To Constantly Need To Be Replaced?

I heard from a friend that lived out of state that their air flow sensor kept needing to be replaced. Having me as a friend who happens to be a mechanic, he asked what could cause it. He had taken it to different shops where he lives and they all replaced the sensor just to have it fail over and over again. He happened to be on his third sensor.

Did he just have the worst luck in the world, to get three bum sensors in a row? The answer, I told him, was probably not! There is something called blow-by. This is when there are small leaks in the seals around the pistons and oil escapes and is sent through to where the air flow sensor lives. This causes it to get coated and eventually it will fail, not being able to “sense” anything. Unfortunately, this could mean an engine rebuild may be in the works and it may be time to look for a new (or newer) vehicle.

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