Canada Enacts Law To End “Phantom Vehicles”

You may have had this happen to you when you were out driving about at night. Your dashboard looks well lit and you drove out of your garage in your well lit neighborhood. However, you notice that virtually every car that passes you approaching in the other direction flashes their lights at you. Suddenly you figure it out. Your headlights were not on! We have all done this and, on occasion, it can be quite dangerous.
Cars without their lights on at night, either by accident or by design, are called “Phantom Cars.” The reasons for this should be self-explanatory. So, Canada has taken upon itself to enact a law which will render the occurence of phantom cars almost non-existent.
Starting this year, in 2021, all cars must have daytime running lights. This includes lights on the back of the vehicle as well, of course, as those on the front. Also, at night, therefore the full set of lights front and back will always automatically be on.
An additional provision was added, in that the car dashboard lights cannot be on unless the headlights are on, too. This also alleviates the previously described scenario when you leave your garage in a well lit neighborhood thinking your lights are on.
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