Cars In Davy Jones’ Locker

Last September, off the coast of St. Simons Island, a cargo ship turned over on its side with an exclusive cargo on board. That cargo was only cars! About 4,200 of them to be exact.

The boat was full of Kias and Hyundais that were headed for the Middle East to be sold. You might ask, why were cars the only cargo on a ship? It’s interesting. This particular ship was designed so that you can drive cars on, ship them halfway around the world, then drive them off!
That easy! All you need are a bunch of people with valid driver’s licenses to do the moving.

You may also think that you could get one heck of a deal if you could lay your hands on one of these new cars. However, the news is not so great. They have all been waterlogged and due to mold and engine damage are completely unusable. The shipping company and the manufacturer’s are going to half to unload them all and junk them, though. Why? Because they all have oil and gas in them and are a significant environmental hazard.

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