Coolant Leaked Out, Had Just Picked Up A Six-Pack

This is a question that actually gets asked. People are out and about and their car springs a big coolant leak. Maybe a hose blew or a gasket popped. In any event, the driver didn’t have any coolant in the car but were on their way back home after picking up a six pack of beer, soda or some other beverage. The question they asked was if it is OK to use liquids like that if you don’t have anything else around? Is it OK to use just a “little” to make it to a service station, or back home? Or, should you suck it up, wait, and pay the tow truck.

The answer shouldn’t surprise you, no matter how hopeful you have might been about saving a few bucks. Definitely do NOT put any liquid other than approved coolant in your cooling system. It’s not the water, or carbonation, or even alcohol that is going to be a problem for your car. The main problem is the other ingredients, like sugars, malts, fruit juices, etc. that your cooling system is not going to like. If you have any leak of any kind, whether you are on the road or not, call our towing service to safely get your vehicle to our garage where we can professionally diagnose the problem and repair your ride. If you live in Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, Colchester, Winooski, Williston, Shelburne and anywhere in the State of Vermont be sure to contact Handy‚Äôs Service Center for all your auto repair needs!