Defective Brake Light Switch And Car Won’t Start

Many new cars now have a push button ignition. As long as you have the key fob in hand, you push the button and voila, the car starts! However, sometimes the car will just do nothing when you push that button and you are left wondering why. The car is in park, the battery in your fob is fine, your car battery is full of charge, so what could the problem be?

There is your brake light switch. This is the switch that turns on your lights on the back of your car. It is also the switch that tells the computer in your car that the brake pedal has been depressed. This is needed for the car to start.

Often, when your push button car won’t start, the problem is a broken brake light switch. If all else checks out, give us a call, we will get your vehicle to our shop, determine the cause of your issue, fix it and get you back on the road safely in no time.

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