Does A Hybrid Car Really Save Me Money?

At one time it was generally accepted that hybrid cars saved you money on gas. Remember those days when gas was around five dollars a gallon in parts of the country! With gas prices falling back to what they were a couple of decades ago, do hybrid cars really save you money anymore? Fortunately, we can rely on math to figure that one out for us.

First, you have to find the price difference between the hybrid version of the car you want and the plain gas version of the car you want. Let’s say the difference is $2,000. The question now is, how much time will it take you to save $2,000 driving the hybrid version?

What you need to calculate is the savings in the difference in MPG based on how many miles per year you drive between the two versions. So, if the gas version gets 30 MPG and the hybrid version gets 40 MPG and you drive 20,000 miles a year, that would mean a difference of 167 gallons a year. At current gas prices, you would save about $350 a year. Up to you to see if it is worth it now.

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