Does My Headrest Position Matter?

Some people buy their car and never adjust the headrest. In fact, I know someone who leased a car, drove it for the entire three year term, and returned it with the headrest in the exact same position as it was when they leased the vehicle. He told me he literally never moved the headrest from its delivered position.

That being said, it is generally a good idea to adjust the headrests on your car once you start using it. So, what would the ideal position be? Well, behind your head, of course! But, to be serious, you want it high enough so that it is not behind your neck. That is a surefire way to get your neck injured should you hit anything or stop suddenly. The best position for the headrest is for the bottom edge of the headrest to line up with the lower part of the back of your head, an inch or two above where the neckline starts.

Its easy to get this right for the driver, especially if you are always the driver. You may want to make sure the headrest is adjusted properly for your guests when you are driving folks around. Regardless of when you adjusted your headrest last, come in and have us check out your wiper blades for the upcoming summer rains and thunderstorms!

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