Does “Sealed For Life” Really Mean “Sealed For Life?”

Lots of us have newer vehicled that were sold to us with things like transmissions that we are told are “sealed for life.” The idea behing this is that the system is kept hermetically closed so that nothing could possibly get into the system to cause abrasions or wear and tear. Also, the fluids used in these transmissions are design to not break down or degrade.

However, some people can get nervous when they hit the 150,000 mile mark or more and want to change their transmission fluid anyway, if for no other reason than peace of mind.

Yes, you CAN open a sealed for life transmission and change the fluid. Clearly, the designers of these vehicles knew that there are cases when you need to get into the transmission. Especially in the case of repairs. But, you really don’t need to! Just change the oil as scheduled if you want to be a true maintenance hawk.

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