Even If You Are Quarantining, Take That Car Out Once A Week

Given the current pandemic that has thrown some of our lives into pandemonium, many of us are just not going out at all, and have locked ourselves away for fear of catching what hopefully won’t be going around soon.

What may be good for us is most definitely not good for our cars! Even if we do not want to interact with the outside world, we need to make sure that our cars are.

Probably the most important reason to drive the car for at least 15-20 minutes every week is to keep that battery charged up. Another reason is that you will keep the moving parts of the engine lubricated, as running the engine gets that oil pump saturating your engine with engine oil.

Believe it or not, but rodents can make homes in your engine if it is left unused and can cause tremendous amounts of damage. If you drive your car once a week they won’t have time to set up house! Lastly, getting out of the house and driving a bit once a week is just plain old good for your mental health.

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