Ever Wondered If Driving Backwards Up A Steep Drive Gives Better Traction?

There is a rumor out there in the wild that if you have a steep driveway and it is covered in snow, you get more traction and control by driving up it in reverse. So, is it true? The answer, like so many other things, is, it depends!

The major factor in this equation is whether or not your vehicle is front wheel drive. A front wheel drive vehicle will have the majority of its weight over the front axles, as that is where the engine AND the transmission are located. So, if your vehicle is front wheel drive you many indeed have an easier time getting up your driveway on a snowy winter’s evening by driving up it in reverse.

To quote one gentleman, sometimes it works if you get stuck on the road!

All I know is that I got a test vehicle stuck this month in deep snow in the woods on a logging trail in the middle of nowhere and no cell coverage. I could not go up a hill after a certain point due to ice under the snowpack and I then backed it all the way out including up a hill. About an eighth of a mile. I won’t name the vehicle except to say it had a rear diff lock, modern AWD, and winter-rated tires. I have no idea why backing out worked, but it saved my bacon big time. The recovery guy suggested it.

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