First Turn Signal Invented By Female Movie Star

It’s true! The very first turn signal was invented by the actress Florence Lawrence. She was a very successful actress who was able to afford a car, which she loved. She even compared her vehicle to a human being, saying it was just like a person to her.

She called it an “auto-signaling” arm and it was attached to the rear bumper. Through a couple of push buttons installed on the dash board, the arm would be moved side to side to indicate either a right or left turn, based upon the button selected. However, Florence didn’t apply for a patent and her initial version of the turn signal never caught on.

For decades, motorists would use their arm, like someone on a bicycle to signal their turning intentions. It wasn’t until 1929, when Oscar J. Simler invented a device that not only showed the intended turn of a driver, but also lit up a red light when the brakes were deployed!

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