How Do I Find Parts To Restore A Vintage Ride?

Lots of folks like to work on restoring vintage vehicles as a hobby. As far as hobbies go, its obvious that I would consider it a fairly good one! However, the big problem people run into when they want to restore a vintage vehicle is that oftentimes, nobody makes the parts for them anymore? What is one supposed to do?

The best course of action is to start by looking online. eBay is a GREAT place to find vintage parts, and often at reasonable prices. There are also some specialty auto parts sites for vintage vehicles you con find online.

After scouring the Internet, start contacting junkyards. They are often your best bet.

You can start by calling a few local yards. But if your rotors are rusted, that may be due to your local climate (hot and dry?). And any rotors that are sitting out in their yard may be in equally bad shape. So, you’re probably better off doing a nationwide search for the parts you need. Fortunately junkyards, like most everything else these days, are nationally connected via Internet search functions. It is easier than ever to locate parts, if they exist!

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