How Long Will My Prius Battery Last?

Just like the batteries in our phones, the batteries in our car will degrade over time and eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. During that period, the amount of charge that can be held declines as well. It’s just a long slide down to the battery trash heap!

There are cars that can easily go 250,000 miles before they die, and there are Prius batteries we’ve seen go 250,000 miles before they need replacing. Your car will tell you, in any case. A warning light will appear letting you know that your battery is going to need to be replaced soon.

Fortunately, the cost of replacing Prius batteries has come way down. You can get a new one for about three thousand. You could also buy an aftermarket replacement battery for about half of that cost.

So, the answer to the original question is: about 150,000-200,000 miles. That’s how long you can expect your Prius battery to last. If you live in Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, Colchester, Winooski, Williston, Shelburne and anywhere in the State of Vermont be sure to contact Handy‚Äôs Service Center for all your auto repair needs!