I Have A Classic Car. Should I Install Fuel Injection?

If you have a classic care, you will undoubtedly need to rebuild its engine sometime. When you get around to doing that, you will probably think about whether or not to install fuel injection into the rebuild. What are the benefits? The car will absolutely run better and it will be much better for the environment. What are the costs? Fuel injection systems run on a much higher line pressure than carburetors do. This means, you will have to get a new fuel pump and related equipment to install a fuel injection system into your classic car.

A carburetor keeps the simplicity of the classic car. You can just use a screwdriver to tune it and you don’t need fancy computers. Which, you will need to use if you install a fuel injection system. The cost for installing a fuel injection system will run you between one and three thousand dollars. However, if you get one correctly installed and enjoy having the new technology around, ultimately you will have a car that runs better with more power AND better fuel economy. More power is always appealing to car people and fuel economy is always a good thing. So are the old timers wrong? Should they get rid of their carburetors and get with the times? If your classic car is being used as a daily driver, it’s probably a good idea. Easier starting, less warm up time and fewer fuel stops are all good things in a daily driver.

But if your classic car is an occasional weekend driver for short cruises and car shows, $1,000 to $3,000 in parts alone is probably too much to spend.