I Have Fruit Flies In My Vehicle, But I Don’t Eat In The Car, Why?

Sometimes there are bizarre events that rarely happen, and they can happen to us. We recently heard of a guy who had fruit flies all over the cabin of his pickup, but he never eats in the truck and isn’t terribly fond of fruit to begin with. What could cause a bunch of fruit flies to show up? Is it just random bad luck?

The answer is, of course it is not random bad luck, there is a reason! If you notice flies or other insects in the cabin of your vehicle, and you don’t see any obvious culprits, like half eaten sandwiches or a tray of old fries, there are two things you should check.

The first thing to check is the carpet. If you spilled coffee with milk, soda or any other sweetish liquid onto the carpet, that will breed flies for sure. The other place to check is the ventilation system. If you park under trees or bushes that have any kind of berries, they can get into the ventilation system and breed flies.

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