I Have Over 300,000 Miles On My Car, Time To Upgrade?

Some of us luck out. We just happen to purchase a vehicle that just keeps going forever and ever. We never need to do anything but change the oil, get the recommended service and put gas in the tank. This is wonderful for the pocketbook! However, over time, you may want to upgrade your wheels if for no other reason than safety!

The older a car is, the less safety features it has. Remember, really old cars didn’t even have shatterproof glass! If you have a car with 300,000 or more miles on it, you are probably talking about a car that is at least a decade old. So many safety features have evolved and appeared in the last decade, you definitely want to take advantage of them, especially if you have kids.

So yeah, if your ride is about a decade old or more, and you have the means, upgrade to something newer – and safer!

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