I Hear A Rattle But, No Warning Light Or Code

Usually, when you hear an unfamiliar souns coming from your vehicle, you will notice that one of the dashboard warning lights is on and if you were to connect a diagnostic computer to your car’s data port, you would be given a code that would help you in determining what is wrong with you vehicle. There are, however, instances when your car can make a strange noise yet have no warning light lit up and therefore no code to use to help you determine the problem.

If there is no code or warning light being given by your vehicle, the sound or vibration is usually mechanical in nature. One major cause of an uncoded sound is an issue with the harmonic balancer. This is a pulley that sits on front of the crankshaft and is composer of two metal halves, with a piece of rubber between them. If that rubber slips or rots, it can definitely cause a shaking, or vibrating sound and/or feeling.

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