If I Am Making Deliveries Should I Keep My Car Running?

With the explosion in the use of delivery services, like Uber Eats and Instacart, we get a lot of customers coming in that use their vehicles to make deliveries. A lot of times we get the question as to whether or not they should turn their car off when they are bringing the delivery to the door.

Back in the old days, when cars had really bad carburetors, it would actually take more gas to turn the car off and on than to just let it run while you were outside of the vehicle making a delivery. Most people still think that this is the case. However, the reality is that since the 1980s, fuel injection systems have come into the picture. Since they meticulously measure every drop of fuel, it does not use a drop more gas to turn the car off and on every time when you get out of your ride.

You won’t hurt your car by starting and stopping it often, if you need to. New start/stop systems on cars are designed to start hundreds of times a day. And one other bonus! You will be helping the environment just that much more by turning off your engine as much as you can!

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