If My Car Is Running On A Lift, Will That Increase The Odometer?

This is an interesting “What If” question. You’ve seen cars up on lifts, of course, and you also know that mechanics test cars for sounds and performance. This can sometimes mean that a mechanic needs to not just idle your car, but engage the drive train while it is up on a lift. If you thought that this would add mileage to your car, you are right, it will!

The odometer does not keep track of mileage by sensing the road. The odometer keeps track of mileage by how many rotations the tires make. The car’s computer knows the circumference of the tire, and so it multiplies that distance out by the number of rotations your tires make.

Under most circumstances, a mechanic may put a very, very small amount of mileage on your car this way. Probably not even a tenth of a mile. However, if in the unlikely circumstance that your mechanic begins a test and then takes a phone call, you could end up with a few miles added on!

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