If You Give Your Teen A Car, Make It An Ugly One

So your kid is turning sixteen or seventeen and he or she has been begging you for some wheels. After months of unrelenting pleading you finally give in and say you will buy them something. But what should it be?

Perhaps the best advice would be to get your kid something that is both safe… and ugly!

The safe part goes without saying. You want your kids to be safe and you want them to survive their first accidently, which statistically they ARE going to get into!

You might ask, why ugly? The reason is simple. If you give your kid a status symbol, like a Mercedes or Corvette, right off the bat, it will give them the illusion that they have made it and are successful. Help them work towards their goals of success by letting them experience a ride but hunger for something just a little better. And whatever ugly duckling of a ride you choose, make sure to bring it in to Handy’s for regular maintenance!

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