Is There A Good Car For An Old Dog?

We all love our pets and, like for our parents, we find ourselves taking care of them more and more in their old age. One act of kindness you can do for your elderly pet dog is to provide them with a vehicle they will enjoy and be able to easily move in, out and around in. Interestingly, the best kind of vehicle you can get for your aging pooch is a minivan.

So, why a minivan, you may ask? There are a number of reasons. Minivans have sliding side-doors that open very wide and provide great access. They also have lots of flat floor space right inside the door, and most have seats that can be removed so they’re not in your dog’s way. In addition, I think that the step-in height at the side door is quite a bit less than 18 inches. So, I would suggest you look at Chrysler Pacificas, Toyota Siennas, Honda Odysseys, Mazda 5s or any other minivans that catch your eye.

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