Is Using Olive Oil To Keep My Wiper Blades From Sticking To The Windshield Overnight In Winter A Good Idea?

There is much creativity in the human mind. We have managed to send ourselves to the moon, and proxies of ourselves to Mars and the outer solar system. One could ask, why not come up with something practical? Such as, why not come up with something that keeps my windshield wiper blades from sticking to the windshield in the winter? Great idea! Someone came up with a possible “solution.”

While thinking of a way to avoid having to scrape ice off from around and under his wiper blades, an adventurous soul remembered that Olive Oil is really good at not sticking! So, he went to his kitchen, got some olive oil and put it under his wiper blades and just above them to keep any snow/ice/water vapor from getting on or under his wiper blades. Next morning, sure enough, his wiper blades were not stuck to the windshield. Victory! Or, so he thought.

What ha actually happened was that, despite the wiper blades not sticking, the olive oil had formed a film which had frozen to the outside of the windshield. This had made it impossible to see through. Also, it was REALLY difficult to remove. If you have ever cooked with olive oil, you know that when cold water hits a pan with olive oil in it, the olive oil gunks up and makes a solid film covering the pan bottom. This is exactly what happened to the “inventor.” Great idea! Too bad, in practice, it has a very unpleasant side effect or two!

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