Lost My Credit Card In The Seat?

This has happened to all of us, we put our credit card on the console between the seats and gas up. Then, when we are ready to pay, we reach for the card and accidentally knock of off the console and it goes into the dreaded abyss between the seats. What’s worse, when we go fishing for it, we don’t see it! Even when we use the flashlight app on our phone, there’s not even a glimpse! What gives?

Well, to let you in on a little secret, the card is most likely under the carpeting in the cabin! How is this possible? At the four points where the seat is attached to the floor, there are cuts in the carpet, large enough for something like, a credit card, to slip into. If you move the seat all the way forward and reach into one of those cuts, you will most likely find your card, and probably a lot of change too!

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