My Car Bucks, But No Check Engine Light

Occasionally we get reports of people who have their cars consistently backfire, yet their check engine light isn’t on nor do they have a clue what is causing the backfiring to happen. This is where we recommend doing a scan of your car anyway. Why? Your check engine light itself may not be working!

Even if your check engine light isn’t on, the onboard computer can still store a code, it just didn’t happen to trip the mechanism that turns on the check engine light. Bucking usually occurs from a cylinder misfire.

The problems that typically cause misfires originate in the components of the secondary ignition. You’ve already replaced the coil pack, but it could be a bad spark plug, a bad plug wire or a faulty crank sensor. The crank sensor tells the car’s computer which plugs to fire. In most cases this is a relatively easy fix, so definitely come in and see us so we can scan your car to determine what is causing it to backfire.

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