My Car Has A Start-Stop Feature. Is It Going To Hurt The Engine?

If you have not heard, this is a feature that is very new to purely gas-fueled vehicles. Everyone has been in a hybrid when the engine eerily shuts off at a stoplight, but the same thing happening in a purely gas-powered ride? It seems counterintuitive, like won’t all that starting and stopping of the engine wear down its parts, causing it to fail earlier?

The answer is based on the fact that auto makers these days are very smart, so smart that they wouldn’t introduce a feature that actually hurts your vehicle. Starting systems these days are smooth and sublime, not having the jolts and grinds of the cars of old. So the starting and stopping isn’t going to hurt you or your car.

Look at the bright side, if everyone who has the start-stop feature on their vehicle were to use it, we would reduce vehicle-related air pollution by 3-5%. What’s not to like?

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