My Tire Is Constantly Losing Air But Has No Holes

Let’s say you have a tire that is constantly needing to be pumped up. No matter what, every few days it’s gone a bit flat and you have to stop at the local convenience store and inflate it. One day, you get fed up with having to continually put those quarters in that air pump and you go to your mechanic to get the tire plugged. The surprise is that… there are no holes in your tire! Nothing to plug!

You may wonder what on earth could be the cause of the leak? If it’s not a hole or nail in my tire, what could be causing the continual loss of air? In many cases, the answer could be the wheel itself.

Sometimes it is possible to scrape the side of your wheel against a curb so badly, that it actually dents, or deforms the rim. This causes there to be a small break in the seal around the rim that the tire can’t close, because it no longer fits seamlessly. In this case, you need a new rim and the tire is still probably good to go for another 10,000 miles, at least.

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