New Car Safety Features Will Be Computerized

Technology is always advancing and its application to cars, trucks and SUVs is no different. Up to the time we reached the Digital Age, car safety improvements were all about us, human beings. Manufacturers developed seat belts, air bags and, independently, child safety seats.

In addition to the devices to hold us in place and minimize impacts, the structure of the vehicles themselves were greatly improved, allowing for things like crumple zones. These allow the vehicle to collapse in on itself, absorbing a majority of the impact in a collision.

Technology is now setting out to do one better. There are systems currently in development that will eliminate most collisions. That technology is, basically, sensor technology. Vehicles will be able to detect when another object or person is going to collide with each other, and will simply stop the vehicle. It may be a bit of a jolt for us passengers, but will save lives not to mention lots of property damage.

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