New Car Warns Me About Battery After Ten Minutes In Driveway

Let’s say you have a one of the newer model cars, from 2017 or newer. If you have a car with a console that has a lot of computerized features and display screen, you could get a warning from your car after listening to about 10 minutes of radio with your ignition off. This is certainly strange for those of us wh, back in the 80s, would listen to Rush cranked up for a good half our on our in-dash cassette players! What’s the kicker? If you ignore the warning and keep on listening, your car will probably just shut itself off in about another ten minutes.

However, there is a very good reason for this new feature. Many new cars have a push button ignition and many new cars are hybrids. Of course, when hybrids idle, they don’t really make any sound. Let’s say you accidentally pushed the start/stop button twice when you turned off your car. You would have inadvertently left it on, and would have rather quickly run down your car’s battery. This is why you have paranoid car computers when it comes to left on cars!

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