New Cars, New Safety

Technology has come a long way. This is especially so when you look at what safety features have been built into many new cars, particularly luxury models. Let’s take, for example, the Mercedes 2020 Mercedes-Benz 450GLE. Among the safety features offered are: active distance assist, active steering assist, emergency stop assist, active speed limit assist, active traffic sign assist, active blind spot assist, rear-end collision protection and stop-and-go assist. What a panoply!

The reality is that some of these features can have a truly “alarming” effect. Let’s just say that if your coffee is full, it is best not to stray out of your lane!

Of course, all this is eventually leading to cars that have the “ultimate safety feature” – self-driving. We may not want to give up driving our own cars, but they don’t have to be perfect to make the roads safer, they just have to be better than we are.

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