Sears Once Made Cars!

It was sad to hear of the recent bankruptcy filing by Sears, that once giant retailer that was the Amazon of its day.   The original founder of Sears didn’t make cars but his successor tried getting into the market with the 1909 Sears Motor Buggy.

The buggy was well liked and here is an actual review of one from 1910:

I received your motor car in August last; am much pleased with it and it does all you claim it will do. Last season I ran the car about 1,500 miles without a break or bog, and it crossed the Blue Mountain and also the Broad Mountain out in the coal regions with ease. We have rough and hilly roads here in Pennsylvania and the Sears stood all kinds of tests.

Like so many salvos into new markets, the buggy was not profitable and Sears discontinued it after 1912. Who knows. Will Amazon develop its own car?

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