Shopping For A Car For Your Really Tall Kid

It’s that time of year. Graduation. College. High school. Graduate. You name it. At some point along the way, many parents decide to buy their kid a car as a reward for graduating some milestone. Whether it be high school, college, or some graduate degree. But, what do you buy if your kid is 6’5″? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some great ideas for vehicles your taller-than-your-average-kid might find comfortable.

At first thought, and this probably isn’t surprising, the perfect vehicle for a really tall individual is almost certainly going to be a pickup truck. They generally have the most headroom of anything out there (short of a bus or RV!). There are some other vehicles which are really good for tall folks. The Ford Bronco and the Bronco Sport both have excellent headroom as does, surprisingly the Nissan Leaf.

One vehicle that shouldn’t come as a surprise, and is practically the unofficial state car of Vermont, is the Subaru Forester.

Whichever vehicle you decide to purchase for your tall family member, make sure it has at least 40 inches of headroom. Also, power seats are a good option for the tall. You can lower the seat down to floorboard level, which gives additional headroom.

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