Take Advantage Of Those Memory Settings For Your Car Seat

One advantage to having any of the newer luxury (and some mid-size) cars is that they do all that is possible to give you a pleasant driving experience. This includes allowing you to adjust the seat to a position of maximum comfort – and then press a button so that the car remembers that position for future use. Many luxury cars today will automatically move the seat to the rearmost position when you put it in park, to allow you the most space to exit the vehicle.

This is also a great feature to have if more than one person generally drives the car. You may share it with your wife, or more apprehesively, your kids! If you have a daughter significantly shorter than you, or a son significantly taller, you definitely want them to be as comfortable a distance from the steering wheel as possible. Indeed, in some instances this could become a safety issue. So, make sure you teach the others driving the car how to adjust the seat and have the car remember their preferences.

Of course, make sure you press the right setting when it’s your turn to drive again! If you press your daughters preferred conficuration, you could end up needing hockey pads!

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