The EV “Entitlement Era” Is Drawing To A Close

You may own one yourself. You certainly see them on the road more and more. They are definitely more that 10% of cars driving about at this point. Of course, it is electric vehicles which we are speaking of. For the past several years, if you owned an electric vehicle you could be assured of primo parking spaces at most every destination you could drive to. Everything from restaurants to supermarkets would roll out red carpet parking convenience for all those with electric vehicles – including charging stations.

However, as is true with all else, all good things must come to an end. The services and perks that have been extended to electric car owners are simply not sustainable in the long run when you consider how many people are purchasing electric vehicles and how they will be the dominant form of transportation in the not too distant future.

There is a practical reason why those parking/charging spots for electric vehicles are so close to the buildings. It is very costly to run a circuit a long distance from the power grid! Also, there is the additional issue of, whether someone is charging their vehicle or not, the electric vehicle folks tend to park in those charging spots, regardless.

We will have to find new ways of deciding who gets to charge and when, as these cars become more available. Not to mention the fact that Herz just bought over 100,000 Teslas to be their future entire rental car fleet. Hopefully, as a society, we will find a way to equitably distribute public electric vehicle charging as well.

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