Watch The Game While Driving On The Highway?

With all the technology we have available today, some folks are getting the idea that they may as well just watch the big game while they are cruising on cruise control. This is a really, really bad idea. First of all, it is illegal. You are not allowed to operate handheld devices while driving and you are not allowed to drive distracted. I know it is tempting. Many people today have complete TV subscriptions through YouTube or other online services. They are even beginning to rival cable in their popularity. You can have virtually any network on sports organization at your fingertips live or on demand.

There is a bit of a loophole with handheld devices. Some people purchase equipment that allows them to mount their phone on part of their dashboard. This removes the handheld aspect of the phone and allows you to use it as if it were part of your car’s original equipment. Like the stereo, for example.

You can always catch the game by LISTENING to it! You can use the radio or use your TV service, just have the screen off and only listen to the audio. Nothing says you can’t listen while you drive! You just can’t have anything going on that could take your eyes off the road. Even for a few seconds!

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