What Does A Seized Engine Mean?

You often hear about someone’s engine seizing up, but what does that mean? Usually it means that the mechanical parts inside the engine were rubbing together as they should, but without lubricant. The reason why it is so important to make sure your engine oil levels are adequate is that engines move their parts together very, very fast. This generates a lot of friction and heat, unless you have lubricant. Oil is an amazing lubricant in that it is so slick and slippery, it basically keeps any two parts of anything from creating friction between them.

When you hear that an engine has seized up, it’s not so much that it has simply frozen in place and stopped working, rather than the lubrication drained out, the parts rubbed together and created a modern art sculpture! That’s right, once and engine “seizes” it becomes a permanent molten mess that must be replaced. It’s not like it froze up and needs to be started again. This is why you should always make sure your vehicle has an adequate amount of engine oil and that it is not leaking.

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