What If I Left My Automatic Transmission Downshifted?

Those of us that drive cars with automatic transmissions know that we can “override” the car’s normal shifting capacities by manually putting the transmission in a lower gear. We often do this in winter or when going down long hills to either get more traction or not burn our brakes. But, let’s say you are talking with your kid and you forget that you downshifted and you continue to drive for a bit. Is this going to damage your transmission?

Fortunately, the answer is that today all vehicles have automatic transmissions that are controlled by the vehicle’s computer. Back thirty or forty years ago, you could definitely damage your transmission by driving it for a prolonged period, at high speeds, in a lower gear. The great news is that now, the car won’t let the engine rev into a danger zone, regardless of what the stupid human driving it does! So, if you ever forget and leave your car downshifted, don’t worry, you will most likely be just fine!

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