What Kind Of Gas Should I Use In An Old Muscle Car?

Let’s say your dad or grandpa left  you their classic ’69 Chevelle SS. A real muscle car, for sure! Let’s say that it runs great and that you take it to the pump for your first fill up with the new wheels. The question you ask yourself is, what kind of gas should I put in this beast?

The most important thing to remember here is that you want to make sure that the car does not ping. Pinging occurs when some fuel combusts in a cylinder before it’s supposed to. You can experiment with different octane levels to see which one your car operates most quietly at. Hopefully, for your wallet or pocket book, you can use 87 octane gas!

If you have an older vehicle, make sure to come in and have your fuel lines checked. Leaking fuel can be dangerous and certainly inefficient!

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