What’s The Deal With Parts Markups?

Nobody likes having to pay their mechanic. Let’s face it. Nobody likes to pay most any bill! However, when it comes to auto parts, many people feel like their mechanic is really cranking up the cost of the parts, compared to what they pay for it. While that is actually the case there are a couple of things that, as a consumer, you should bear in mind.

First of all, the markup that your mechanic (and our garage, as well) charges is not an outrageous amount. It is completely in line with recommended retail prices and very few mechanics go very far afield from the recommended retail price.

If you put a little thought into it, it actually makes sense. What we do is no different that what your grocer does. Your grocer marks up, say, eggs, for example. They do this because they source and bring the eggs to the market so you can do all of your shopping at one time and in one place. We make sure you have the right part for the right job for your specific vehicle. Given what the mark up is, it is certainly better to have us do the research and legwork necessary to get the right part for your vehicle.

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