Why Are There Inches And Millimeters In Tire Sizes?

If you have ever bought tires, and believe me most of us have, you may have noticed that the width of the tire is stated in millimeters but the hole in the middle of the tire is described in inches. This may at first not be noticed but once you think about it, why not be consistent and either use English measurements or metric?

The answer has to do with two different factors. One is that in America we have stubbornly held onto our English measurement system while the rest of the world has gone metric. If you cross the border north into Canada, you will see that everything there, including speed limits, are posted in metric.

The other factor that comes into play is that it is an actual statute that to sell tires in the American market, the hole in the middle of the tire must be described in inches. Voila! There you have the reason for there being multiple measurement systems in our tire sizes.

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