Why Don’t Convertibles Have Four Doors?

You would love to get a convertible to drive your family around in. But, the big problem is that they are always two doors and if they have a back seat its minuscule and barely big enough for luggage. Why can’t you find a four door convertible? Wouldn’t that make it so easy to take the family for a sun-filled Sunday ride?

The reason why you will never find a four door convertible is that there is no B-pillar in a convertible. What is a B-pillar? Well, with your standard four door sedan, there are three structural pillars in the body of the car. The first is at the point where the windshield meets the roof of the car. The B-pillar is the one in the middle, between the front and back seats. The C-pillar is the one at the back of the car. Of course, with a soft roof, there is nothing for a structural B-pillar to connect to, so you cannot structurally have a four door convertible!

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