Why Is My Gas Mileage Getting Worse?

As our cars get older, our gas mileage tends to get worse. Much like the way our computers tend to take longer to start up the older they get. Our computers may have fragmented hard drives, but our cars almost certainly have diminished compression. Over time the compression power of our engine’s cylinders diminish due to extended use. They literally no longer pack the punch they once had. This is something that is normal and there isn’t much you can do about it other than get a new engine.

Other causes of worsening gas mileage are things like bad thermostats. If the thermostats are stuck open, then the engine never gets up to full operating temperature and that will affect gas mileage performance. This is something we can easily fix for you.

Among the more expensive reasons why you are losing gas mileage can be a partially or completely plugged catalytic converter. This device also plays a role in getting you to pass inspection in many states. We can help you determine if yours is functioning adequately.

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