WIth The New Homebuying Craze – Check The Size Of The Garage Before You Buy!

By now everyone is familiar with the crazy home buyer’s market. We all know someone who has either just bought a place, sold a place or tried to buy a place and the astromonical prices they have faced and competetive atmosphere they have had to endure just to get a new or first home. In fact, in many instances, people have bought homes without actually physically visiting the property. They either schedule a virtual tour or outright just make an offer site unseen! The demand for homes has been that intense.

One aspect of home buying that people are overlooking these days is the issue of the garage. Now, if you are buying a home that has been recently constructed, say in the past quarter century, you are probably not going to have any dealings with the issue I am about to bring up. However, if you buy a house from the 70s, 60s or before you could be facing a garage issue if you own, say, and Escalade or a F150.

The bottome line? Garages built half a century ago or more simply cannot contain some of the newer, bigger SUV and truck models out there! If you own an “oversized” vehicle and are in the new (or new to you) home market. Make sure your check out the garage, so that whatever your drive can move in with you!

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